Exterior Sheathing Facade

Jacketing processes provide not only heat insulation but also sound insulation. Thanks to its successful sound insulation function, the insulation boards used in exterior sheathing operations help to increase your quality of life by reducing the noise pollution inside.


Exterior Sheathing Facade

At the same time, the exterior jacketing process, which greatly prevents the sounds from coming out, also helps to provide privacy. The jacketing process, which will work especially in noisy and crowded areas, near the city center and main roads, will provide great advantages in both heat and sound insulation. However, good planning is very important before starting the jacketing process.

Firstly, the type of insulation materials to be used must be determined exactly. Then, the necessary dimensions should be taken regarding the structure where the exterior coating technique will be applied.

When making measurements, precision instruments scales should be used, and a good plan should be created considering all details. On average, 50% to 60% heat savings can be achieved with exterior jacketing. For this reason, besides providing benefits to the home economy and the national economy, the long-term benefits to the nature should be taken into consideration. It is also very important that the team that will apply the sheathing process is competent. Even if the material used is the same, the problems that will arise in the continuation of the application by an inexperienced team will completely eliminate the savings you will make at the first cost.

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